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We have a verification process in place to ensure that only valid people represent businesses. This process helps to protect the integrity of our platform and ensure that users are getting accurate information about businesses
Please note: Some profile details have been pre-populated with default information, but please go in and edit this to ensure it is correct, accurate, and up-to-date.
We appreciate that not all producers allow visitors, so this is the perfect opportunity to state this and highlight any amenities or services that you want rum enthusiasts to see or not.
Rum enthusiasts now thrive in the most informed consumer era in history, curious to learn more about rum brands, production processes, and regional variations. They value transparency, sustainability, and quality premium products. This is why we built the platform. To help support you, we act as a gateway, so the more you contribute, the better the resources become and help grow the category for the long term.
Built by Rum industry people, this platform is designed to help producers reach new audiences.
We believe that rising waters should lift all boats. If you don’t have a boat, we built one, so get on board, and let’s make the rum category more robust together!
Disclaimer: We are not a selling platform, and we must state this publicly to comply with specific laws. To protect our platform, we don’t have the necessary licenses to comply with 100 countries and state-by-state laws. Selling attempts will result in removal. Brands understand the legal implications and respect our position. Guidelines are set out in our terms
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