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First Investment Round Opens

Our Vision is to be the ultimate rum hub, a Lonely Planet for rum lovers.

Today we open our first investment round.

The $billion rum industry had no cohesive platform for entry-level visitors to see where rum is made globally – Until now.

Problem Statement

Lost Opportunities: Existing rum info is scattered, outdated, and primarily trade-focused.

Impact: Consumers miss out on exciting local rums in 100 countries it’s made in. Brands struggle to effectively reach rum enthusiasts beyond their established audiences.

Distilleries in the Dark Challenge: Rum producers lack dedicated platforms to connect with consumers and promote unique rum experiences. They’re often limited to their own networks and expensive pay-to-play doesn’t reflect the true landscape, generic platforms that don’t cater specifically to their organic audience.

Impact: Rum producers miss out on reaching a wider audience and creating immersive experiences for passionate consumers. Consumers have limited access beyond established brands.

Travellers Don’t Know What They’re Missing

Truth Bomb: Google is not giving people the search results they are actually looking for. Travellers will see posts from ads, larger sites, and often old, dated content. Many small rum producers struggle to reach in organic search.

Impact: Travellers miss out on enriching cultural experiences that could enhance their vacations. Undiscovered local producers lose valuable exposure and potential customers.


For Rum Lovers: Everything you need to explore is in one place -brands, locations, detailed producer profiles, and the ability to unlock member-only functions and content (events, exclusives, and personalised offers)

Search and discover unique rum experiences (distillery tours, tastings, events) in 100+ rum countries.

Producer Mapping Takes Centre Stage: Our rum-dedicated platform has producers in the spotlight, they control their presence and update and highlight unique experiences in their profiles, features, and guides.

Connect directly with rum enthusiasts through messaging and booking systems. List and promote immersive experiences (tours, tastings) directly on the platform. Benefit from affordable marketing opportunities to reach a wider audience.

No More Vacation FOMO: connects visitors quickly to make travel planning a breeze, and gives them powerful data to make informed choices. Neighbourhood distilleries, bars, and events are now easily found. Placements and partnerships boost awareness and drive word of mouth to make us a go-to authority. Investment secures a path to powerful tools that rum lovers crave

Rum Brands & Bars

  • Our 1500+ brands and 2000+ bars can stand out to their niche audience of rum lovers, globally.
  • Capture the Growing Distillery Tourism Market: Gives brands a consumer support champion to raise awareness and collaborate.


  • Generational Shift: 2024 travellers crave authentic experiences and simplicity as a luxury.
  • Unmet Niche: They enjoy rum, cocktails, and travel, but lack an easy way to explore the world of rum.
  • Digital Natives: USA is the largest group with easy access to 500+ rum destinations
  • They seek unique, convenient, and personal content, and explore destinations on their terms.

Travel Partnerships

  • Provide Destination Management Companies with targeted content, maps, and brand collaborations, attracting relevant rum tourists, revenue & awareness.
  • Offer Travel Management Companies curated rum itineraries featured in content guides to differentiate and attract new clients.
  • Personalised User Experience: Recommendations based on preferences & location.


Led by a drinks industry veteran with an extensive background in building brands, globally networked, and connects brands with key partners and audiences. We access a network of collaborators, contributors, and an associate team of specialists in marketing, data, web development, and mapping. This lean model is cost-effective enabling the business to scale. Investment secures key digital hires, and the team will be enhanced with dedicated finance and legal expertise.

The rum world craves a central hub. Discerning rum lovers struggle to find unique experiences, producers lack a platform to connect worldwide, and destinations miss a way to highlight their rum heritage and attract new visitors.

We are the answer. We created the first and most comprehensive rum mapping the world has seen and it’s good to go.

With over 10% of global rum producers verified, we’re more than just a platform – we’re a thriving global community. Our specialist team is set up to meet the rum travel niche.

Imagine the future: seamless vacation planning, discovering hidden gem spots, and visiting dream distilleries – all powered by our platform – and you helped make it happen.

We are best placed to deliver on this exciting opportunity.


We welcome angel investment from individuals looking to shape the future of rum and travel. Additionally, we invite strategic partnerships with leading travel and tech companies looking to expand their reach in modern, experience-driven travellers.

Investment drives growth, here’s what makes a compelling investment:

  • We address a fragmented rum travel market with a global platform.
  • We streamline travel planning and connect users and experiences.
  • Led by industry specialists, globally networked in brands and tech.
  • Exciting Growth Potential: We project rapid revenue growth.

First phase Class A shares have an end date set for 31st July 2024.

The Second Phase to scale and reach our targets begins in Q3 2024.

Capital at risk. To request our investor presentation or for more information, please get in touch Contact Us

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